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Today, one in four women in the United States dies of heart disease--that's 10 times the number killed by breast cancer. However, public awareness is dangerously low, and many women do not know the female-specific risks, symptoms, and testing for heart disease. Recognizing this public health problem, the ladies of NFBPWC Houston set out to educate women in their community about their heart health. We partnered with Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center to create a public health outreach event called "Heart of a Woman," bringing together Houstonians from all walks of life to learn from the nation's experts in women's heart health. Over 130 women and men participated in the inaugural event. Building on that success, we are excited to announce the launch of a nation-wide NFBPWC Heart of a Woman initiative. Review this page for additional resources and tools your chapter can use to organize it's own Heart of a Woman conference. Together we can empower women everywhere to beat heart disease.



Free to the public, NFBPWC-Houston partnered with the phenomenal team of Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center to raise awareness and provide continuing education credits to physicians in uncovering how to close the gap of addressing women's health and heart disease.



We were TWINNING! Our new local Houston chapter had the upmost pleasure in launching this effort formally with FIDAPA-Italy, an international powerhouse of the Federation of Business & Professional Women for the past 80 years. A delegation of 10 FIDAPA members. 

There was a lot of support from local organizations that wanted to reach out to the same women we attract! Some ideas to ask for resources in your town are as follows: 

  • Local teaching hospital
  • Culinary programs
  • Community educators/programs
  • Multi-modal organizations (walkable + bikeable cities)
  • NFBPWC business owners that we can support! 




The tools needed are standard for any event, including: 

  • Funding/financial support
  • Organizational process + schedule
  • Subject matter experts
  • Marketing + communications
  • Transportation + accessibility

We aim to do work that is inclusive, high-impact, and sustainable. To verify this, we make sure we can measure our results. CLICK HERE for a survey Methodist Hospital conducted. We will use these results to improve the 2019 Heart of A Woman Conference. 

CLICK HERE for a Heart of A Woman Brochure. 

CLICK HERE for a presentation for NFBPWC General Assembly 2018.