National Federation of Business & Professional Women of Houston

Women empowering women



The Houston chapter of NFBPWC is one of more than 100 clubs around the globe. Our mission is to develop the professional, business and leadership potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.

We are a young chapter founded in 2017 and have already ignited the hearts of women in Houston and the Americas, Europe, and Africa! Our first accomplishment was to engage more than 40 distinguished women from Houston to join the club and launch The Heart of A Woman campaign, an event focused on improving the disparities in women’s heart health. This initiative rippled through the NFBPW chapters nationally and globally. The Heart of A Woman is a replicable model for any community.

We’ve also engaged in collaborations with other chapters in Rome, Italy (FIDAPA ROMA) and Abuja, Nigeria. This is just the beginning. We foresee our greatest achievements for women in Houston being pioneered and sustained with YOU. Become a member and encourage your colleagues, mentors, and mentees to become members, too.



The NFBPW Houston chapter is a membership based organization in association with the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs. The annual membership fee is $150 per member. There are many benefits to supporting our club!

  • We’re a new organization in Houston, so we’ve got a lot of capacity to design a chapter that meets Houston women’s needs in a culturally authentic way.

  • We are a diverse group of women who care. We celebrate Houston’s diversity in ethnicity, age, culture, economics, and experiences. We celebrate and include women with all types of experiences and bring them together to dream and create real solutions for women in our community.

  • We have global reach and influence that drives sustainable, effective change. The foundation of the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs was developed in 1919 as a vehicle to align women’s initiatives for greater impact. Our small chapter has a big footprint with more than 100 other clubs around the world. We collaborate regularly with other clubs and the United Nations (annually) to bring concerns, ideas, and best practices to the table.

  • We believe our future is really bright. When women are economically stable and sustainable, we better control our destinies. NFBPW Houston is a fertile environment to invest in young business and professional women. As we continue to embark on the rapid change of the 21st century, NFBPW’s caring women, flexible boundaries, and robust resources give the next generation of women leaders a safe space to practice and grow.


Since 2017 NFBPW Houston has made a concerted effort to enhance cultural, ethnic, age, and knowledge diversity in and outside of the city. We leveraged the international BPW network to collaborate with sister chapters in Italy and Nigeria on women’s heart health education and research parity, small business development for women, and the use of S.T.E.M. education to combat human trafficking.

These are not small issues for women anywhere. We’ve leveraged Houston’s own diversity, central geography, and the multitude of professional resources to invite sisters to meet with us for intimate, interpersonal exchange. In return, the sisters from other nations welcome our strengths, views, and resources into their community for mutual growth and empowerment.

We have embarked on two impactful global initiatives and need you to be able to sustain more!


We’ve got big ideas that we consider “moon-shots” and we want your ideas to be included, too. We’re dynamic women who plan, do, celebrate, review and repeat (with improvements). The dynamic women in Houston help: 

  • Identify marginalized groups where change has an opportunity to make a big impact. 

  • Connect and collaborate with international sister groups to maximize thought leadership, resources, and UN Development Goals outcomes.

  • Invite subject matter experts to educate, inform, and engage in local issues and continue to help problem solve. 

  • Raise funds to support the capacity to impact our mission. 

Did you know there are 1,045,934 women in Houston and the average age is 32? This means there’s a LOT of women who can impact and be impacted by our work together. We’ve already started. Help us continue to make this city an amazing one for business and professional women.